If you love getting to know powerful female protagonists, then you just might like some of the works by Zora.

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As a graphic design student at USM, Zora creates a wide range of works and is often available for freelance projects.

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While this could technically be put under art, it sometimes deserves a place of its own.

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About Zora Marie

Zora Marie is not your average artist, she is an artist in many senses of the word. She is an Actress – Author – Artist, though not necessarily in that order. Zora mainly writes high fantasy based on the physical and emotional journey of a single character. Her inspiration often comes from her own past, now set in a world full of creatures beyond our own.

Though acting, writing, and creating art seem to be vastly different things, Zora is proof that the three can intertwine. She is adamant that writing has strengthened her acting, inspired her art, and that even the reverse is true. Heck, even one of her acting coaches is adamant that actors are artists and acting in and of itself is bad. If one acts, they are not truly feeling, expressing, and bringing their characters to life. This same idea can often be applied to writing, because if you do not feel at least something when you write, how can you expect a reader to feel anything at all?

p.s. I recently cut my hair short, so try not to let that throw you off.