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Zelia the Phoenix of Hope Free of Asenten

The fate of nine realms rests on the shoulders of one desperate girl with a daunting power and a harrowing choice: to be the cause of great suffering and despair? Or be banished from the first place she felt secure since being a small child, and back to the world from whence she came? When the wizards who created her fear that their creation was tainted, the Phoenix of Hope could become the Phoenix of destruction. With time running out, the wizards’ worst fears are careening in.

Zelia the Phoenix of Hope: To and From Dragon Island

A trip across the seas to Dragon Island turns up new abilities and friends. But when a dream foreshadows the future, Zelia races across treacherous waters and land haunted by her past to save the closest thing she has to kin in the realm. Not even a sea savvy gatekeeper to the underworld will stand in her way, but will drudging through her past be her undoing? Only time will tell if her creators’ fears will ring true at The Battle for The Hold.

Midgard and The Forgoten Lands.