Book Cover Design

A Mix of Designs

Task: Create an eye catching cover that is both unique and constant with the standards of the genre.

Outcome: Several unique designs.

If something has 'Author Name' on it, it is likely available for sale as a pre-made. If you are interested in one, please feel free to reach out.

Complete Book Design

Stop. Breathe. Explore.

Task: Create a guide for an upcoming USM Graphic Design Student.

Outcome: One cool kit including a guide, sketchbook, package, and some supplies to get the student started on the right foot. Not to mention a planner within the guide to keep them on task and some tips that will take them well into their career as a graphic designer.

And yes, those books are hand bound.

Game Design

Race of the Realms

Task: Design a Board Game

Outcome: A high fantasy race across the realms on the beast of your choice. Everything was illustrated specifically for this piece and designed to be visually intriguing.

Game play is simple, making it a great game for all ages.

Poster Designs

Poster Designs




Travel Guide



Mixed Media