Website Design


Task: Create a user experience, social media ad campaign, and a set of newsletters that promotes a single product above others.

Outcome: A fun website and campaign design for this small dog food company that promotes their Complete Variety Mix as one of their best products.


Below are some screen shots of the RawFedK9 newsletters with all original copy.

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 11.48.15 AM
Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 11.48.45 AM
Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 11.47.41 AM

Book Cover Design

A Mix of Designs

Task: Create an eye catching cover that is both unique and constant with the standards of the genre.

Outcome: Several unique designs.

If something has 'Author Name' on it, it is likely available for sale as a pre-made. If you are interested in one, please feel free to reach out.

Complete Book Design

Stop. Breathe. Explore.

Task: Create a survival guide for an upcoming USM Graphic Design Student as though we were to go back in time and give it to our former self.

Process: After surveying fellow graphic design students for what tips they wish they would have been given, I researched layouts, bindings, materials, and general aesthetics to build my thematic guide. With my information gathered, I built myself templet spreads which then allowed me to insert my information quickly and figure out what images I wanted to use. Some of the images were shot specifically for the survival guide while others were pulled from my archives of photographs I have taken myself.

Outcome: One cool kit including a guide, sketchbook, package, and some supplies to get the student started on the right foot. Not to mention a planner within the guide to keep them on task and some tips that will take them well into their career as a graphic designer.

And yes, those books are hand bound and I designed and built the box myself.

Restaurant Branding

Tu Meke

Task: Choose a country to base a restaurant on.

Process: Having chosen New Zealand, I did a lot of research on both the history of the Māori people as well as current issues and trends. As I researched I kept a list of food that is common for the area as well as native words that could potentially be used as the name of the restaurant. By the time I was done researching, I knew I wanted to base the visual aspects of the brand on a modernized version of the Māori culture. After some wordlist brainstorming, I picked apart what the restaurant’s branded needed to be and express. The name I decided on is Tu Meke which means ‘too much’ and has been adopted by the younger generations as a word for something impressive or awesome. With the meaning of Tu Meke in mind, I constructed a thematic guide with which to build the brand’s visual language from. Several thumbnails for icons, patters, and logos later, I had what I needed to construct the style guide and build from there into what you see here.

Outcome:A well thought out and researched base for the brand to build from.

Commercial for the School of Preforming and Visual Arts

SPVA Commercial

Task: As a group, create a commercial for the SPVA that you have rights to all imagery used.

Process: After some debate we decided that our target demographic would be high school graduates from out of state. We also decided that we wanted to include the paint splatter style of the logo in the video via liquid acrylic paint. With that in mind we chose to go with a type heavy design and created our own video to fit our needs. When deciding who would be best to do what, we decided that Chris Garrett would be best for research, Conner Smith would be best at creating the opening and closing, and I would be the best choice for handling the type and video.

Outcome: A fun yet factual commercial that truly depicts our school, all created in a week and a half.

4 Pack Packaging

Nectar Ginger Ale

Task: Design a ginger ale 4 pack based on an art style prior to the 1950s.

Process: After some debating, I decided to base my design on a modernized version of the arts and crafts movement. After a lot of research, thumbnails, and rough drafts a direction began to take shape. To modernize the floral patterns of the arts and crafts movement I decided to drop the representation of leaves on my vines to allow for a cleaner appearance. From there it was merely a pattern, shape, placement, and color exploration to tweak the final design.

Outcome: Packaging for ginger ale that is geared towards women of an older age group while the modernization of the design allows for women of a younger age group to drawn to the packaging as well.

Packaging Series

Mystic Chocolate

Task: Design packaging for a product series.

Process: After some research and debating, I decided that I wanted to create a series of square packaging for high end chocolate with a mythical theme. After some exploration of names, icons, symbols, colors, and layout, Mystic shaped up to be a clean yet sophisticated design.

Outcome: A series of handmade mockups in toe, I dare say that this project came together fairly well.

Game Design

Race of the Realms

Task: Choose a board game to base your gameplay off of and design your own.

Process: After some consideration, I chose to base my gameplay off of Candyland, but I wanted to push the game into a higher age group by adding more opportunities to read and make the game more accessible to those with a color deficiency. Because both my mother and brother are partially color blind, they became my test group. Between putting together the thematic guide and wordlist, I constructed a color guide that my test group helped me tweak until the colors were both appealing to the general audience as well as accessible to those with a color deficiency. With the colors chosen, the design process continued as usual until the game was fully constructed which is when the game was then tested by a small control group of children to insure my alterations had been successful and had not complicated the gameplay.

Outcome: A high fantasy race across the realms on the beast of your choice. Everything was illustrated specifically for this piece and designed to be visually intriguing yet open to the imagination.

Game play is simple, making it a great game for all ages.

TV Show Introduction

The 100

Task: Create a new opening credits sequence using the credits already used in the chosen episode.

Process: I knew from the beginning that I wanted to focus on the characters more sense the show is more about the characters than anything else. From there I knew I wanted to incorporate the way the type comes apart in the original opening credits and set to work creating my own animated type. To do this I simply animated each letter of the alphabet and hand placed each letter. For the video, I searched through and selected clips that featured each character and would transition well between them without changing the order in which they appear.

Skateboard Design

Literacy is Empowerment



Poster Designs

Poster Designs

A collection of a various poster designs.


Travel Guide

Task: Create a guide for the location of our choice.

Process: After some consideration, I chose to make a guide for London so that I could use the photographs and knowledge gained while studying abroad. I wrote and edited the content for the travel guide before selecting my photographs.

Outcome: A unique travel guide featuring some of my favorite locations in London.

Invitation Suite

Vlad III Tour Invitation Suite

Task: Design an invitation suite for the event of your choice.
Process: It had been around Halloween time so I knew that I wanted to create something for a Halloween related event, so after some research I discovered that there is a special tour of Transylvania that includes both the ruins of Vlad III’s castle as well as two exclusive Halloween parties. With the tour being based mainly around Dracula I decided to look to the man who inspired the character for inspiration. The cross is based off of the stone cross in front of the ruins of Vlad III’s castle and I utilized a stylized version of the pattern around the cross’s edge as a boarder for my invitations. The crest featured on the invitation suite is one that turned up in my hunt to find Vlad III’s true family crest that I then added the decorative flourishes behind. The design within the circles on the cross are a reference to Vlad III’s father who was a member of The Order of the Dragon.
Outcome: A clean design that is elevated by the production methods used to produce the final produce. Each paper piece of the suite is three layers of cardstock plied together, one being a dull black with a black design, the middle being red, and the other side being a white metallic paper. The red portions of each design has been cut to reveal the red center sheet.

Mixed Media


Most sculptures are for sale!


Interested in one of my prints? Contact me about getting a limited edition copy of The Highlands or one of my mono prints!

Now that we have gone to the dogs, here is some of my other work: